Interactive expereince for Intel @ CES 2016


Sensescape was the front and center installation in the Intel booth for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2016. The massive arched screens of the installation create the sensation of being immersed in an oceanic audio-visual-scape where delightful creatures swim and play around you, interacting with your motions and responding to your gestures.


Patten Studio - Concept, Design, Software Development, Graphics, Mechanical CAD, and Installation


Role: Lead Developer and Interaction Designer

The experience was powered by over 30 computers running an entirely custom software, built with Cinder, that handled the network communications between 3D capturing, tracking, and rendering computers. At Patten Studio, My role on the project was to run R&D, lead the five member software team, and lay the archetectural foundations for the systems in the project. The interactive systems leveraged 18 3D RealSense cameras for tracking motion and recognizing gestures in addition to the Intel Cuire powered wrist bands that allowed users to interact with the onscreen creatures via specific recognized gestures.

In rendering we achieved an 11K resolution through our custom distributed rendering software that networked ten drawing computers to a command server.

Users could scan their badges at the kiosks on either side of the installation and record a video of themselves in 3D inside of the Sensescape universe.

More info comming soon!


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