Interactive audio/visual installation


Firewall is an interactive audio/visual experience created with Aaron Sherwood for the Purring Tiger new media experimental dance group. A stretched sheet of spandex acts as a performance membrane that when pushed into creates fire-like visuals and expressively plays music. The sounds heard in the documentation video are the actual sounds produced by Firewall. The further you press into the membrane the faster and more intense the piano score becomes. Depth information is captured using a Kinect camera which is used to manipulate the audio/visual experience based on touch.


The software is designed using creative coding c++ library Cinder.


Firewall is a work in progress for Purring Tiger performance entitled "Mizaru" that premiered in June 2013. The project was conceived through conversations about the realities of life and death and the struggle to understand their meaning. As you press deeper to understand, you are faced with the reality that you will never truly grasp what resides on the other side. View further MIZARU documentation.

Firewall is available for exhibition, please contact us for more information.

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